Country Living in CA? Why yes you can…

How many times have you dreamed about raising your family or retiring in a small town? Open countryside, fresh air, clear blue skies and the night sky dark enough to where you can see all the stars? But then your dream slips away, because you think it’s not something that can happen in California, not in the way you’d want. You think you’d have to live so far from convenient shopping, schools or any semblance of civilization that you’re accustomed to, no amount of fresh air and rolling hills and stars will make it worth it… Well, I’m here to tell you there is a place in California where you can in fact have it all, only it’s not terribly famous, yet. It’s located in Placer County and it’s a town called Loomis. Beautiful open areas, local fruit stands, great country schools, one main way through town, Taylor Road.  During the summer, you can enjoy “Friday Family Nights” or take in a free concert at The Loomis Station where grandpas and grandmas dance right alongside kids of all ages; where little kids get their faces painted while Mom and Dad are enjoying an ice cold micro brew from Loomis Basin Brewery.

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Visit the High Hand Nursery for lunch and meander through the gardens, stop on your way back home and have the car washed with the Del Oro High School fundraiser, attend yoga classes or ride your horse through the countryside….it’s all possible and yet you’re only a 10-minute drive to Roseville, which has one of the nicest shopping areas around and you’re only a 30 minutes away from the Sacramento International Airport.

So if you’ve been thinking about moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but not so far that it inconveniences you, take a drive to Loomis. You just might fall in love with it. In the meanwhile, take a look at homes currently available for sale below. And of course if you have any questions, send me a text or just give me a ring. I’ll gladly share any info I have with you.

Loomis CA Homes for Sale:

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