Peace, Love & Grow Your Own Stash in Meadow Vista, CA

It’s rare that a property’s intended but never utilized potential is so clear as in this incredible find.  From the first glance at this funky over-sized multi room abode,  you can’t help but envision its residents.  A rag tag group of hippies, digging wells, tending to a few hemp bushes and heirloom tomatoes, sitting on the deck with mugs of steaming organic tea or lounging on the immense lawn, butt naked, as there are no nosy neighbors to worry about.

An artist's rendering of the home to illustrate its unique potential.An artist’s rendering of the home to illustrate its unique potential.

Everything about this place screams free love, practiced to the soundtrack of the Grateful Dead during the day and Bob Marley’s off-beat claves in the evenings.  The hippies, nudists and potheads haven’t had an opportunity like this for communal living at its best since the last of the VW buses bit the proverbial dust in various junk yards.

As you pull up on your bicycle, scooter or some other energy efficient mode of transport, you’ll notice an array of unassuming pale green walls, just begging to be used as canvasses for the many peace signs, rainbows, unicorns and, of course, flowers.

The many railings and planks of the very large wrap around porch provide plenty of space for air-drying your laundry, and the surrounding trees can be used to string up enough lines to house the laundry of the entire neighborhood, or to put up the many hammocks your must absolutely have in a place like this.

The living areas currently contain zero furniture, so bring your air mattresses, and your bean bag chairs, and your yoga mats and throw them virtually anywhere within this hip-mansion.  The walls can (and probably should) be repainted with idea paint, so you can freely express those deep thoughts you are bound to have after a few peace pipes.

If you are one of those clothing optional people, you’ll only have to watch out for sharp corners in the kitchen and bathrooms, but nothing that some plaster won’t fix, if you are handy enough.

The lot is surrounded by trees, making it ideal to hide whatever you choose to grow, or really most things you do in and around this house.  Nobody ever goes there anyway, so you will be completely free to do and be whatever you want.  Get a few chickens or a pet goat or two, learn to play the Ukelele, write some god-awful poetry or meditate on the nature of man.  All that for one ridiculously low price of just reduced to appeal to hippies almost socialist number of $389,000

So there you have it – an idyllic hippie commune for the rebel in you (and a bunch of people you probably know), where clothing can be optional, where you can doodle on actual walls to your heart’s content, where there is a very good chance you’ll be surrounded by very chill, peaceful, kumbaya-signing, weed smoking artists, musicians, gardeners, yoga fanatics, aspiring vegan chefs, and on occasion, a few protesters.

disclaimer: [since we are certain the FBI, the NSA, the CIA and who knows who else will stumble on this once their filters light up, we feel we need to protect our behinds by stating for the record that this is just an attempt at marketing a property and that we in no way recommend that anyone engage in any illegal behavior.  We also apologize to our readers for having to state something so obvious]

If you’d like to see this wonder – fill out the short form below, or just give me a call.  Note: If more than one person schedules a showing at the same time and we meet at the house, I will be the one wearing clothes.
Marsha- 916.794.0015

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  1. Michelle Poccia says:

    Marsha, Just reading this and seeing the pics made me feel like packing it all up…or leave it all behind and move to California. I can’t wait to see who gets to call this cool joint home. Please keep us posted! Michelle in New York.

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