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The idea of acupuncture wasn’t  new for me, I had it back in the mid 90’s when I broke my back but hadn’t thought about it for myself until I was taking my dog Eva to the vet to have her acupuncture treatments done and jokingly asked the vet if she could do some needles in my neck.  Of course she couldn’t but did recommend an acupuncturist in Meadow Vista named Linnie O’Flanagan.

That night I found Linnie’s contact information on line and the next day made an appointment. When I walked through the door of her business, One River Medicine I could feel the peacefulness in the air.  I was immediately greeted by the receptionist Chelsea (who come to find out is Linnie’s step-daughter) with her beautiful smile and calming personality.  Meeting Linnie was a pleasure; I found her extremely easy to talk with and immediately took a liking to her.  After our consultation I was taken to a room with the most comfortable table I’ve ever laid on to have my treatment.  Soft music played and there was an ocean theme to the room.  Needless to say I felt wonderful after my treatment; I could turn my head again and had this indescribably good all over body feeling.  I’m now a regular and would suggest anyone whose feeling pain or out of balance to visit Linnie at One River Medicine!

When I asked Linnie how she became interested in acupuncture she said: “I first learned about it in the early 80’s when I read this book, The Web That Has No Weaver, I just loved the way of thinking but at that time my kids were young and I wasn’t in a position to go to school.  When I look back it was a good thing because when I did finally have the opportunity to start school which was in Oakland it was a 4 year course and very intense. At the time I lived in the Auburn area and commuted daily to Oakland, most of the time taking Amtrak…”

Linnie originally started her business in Auburn but then decided to move to Hawaii for three years where she was the Academic Dean at the College of Hawaii and also started a Healing Retreat  Center but once her first grandchild was born she decided to move back. Linnie has been in business 12 ½ years, the first three were in Auburn, then in Meadow Vista for eight years and she’s been at her current location for five years.  At One River Medicine you’ll find an extensive pharmacy filled with herbal tinctures and teas which they produce on site.  They also have an on-line store which has been up and running for about a month. Linnie told me the best thing about her job is being able to help people that have tried everything else; many times she’s the last resort.  How did the name One River Medicine come about?  Linnie answers “it’s multidimensional, 1) In Chinese medicine, the flow of qi (energy) is described like the flow of water: springs, streams, rivers, seas. When the qi is stagnant, disease sets in, just as it does in stagnant water. 2) We are located in the most abundant watershed in the State. 3) We are all connected through water, and water is essential for life.”

Linnie loves to teach about Chinese medicine and offers a whole series on it.  She also teaches Qi Gong classes by donation and is currently pursuing a doctoral in Medical Qi Gong and will then offer treatments, meditations and private instruction.  She lives in Meadow Vista with her husband Ty,  has two sons, two step-daughters and four grandchildren.  Linnie loves to dance, garden, kayak, bike, hike and of course play with her grandchildren!

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