Granite Bay Real Estate Market Report – May 2014

Here are the latest Granite Bay, CA housing statistics directly from the Placer County Association of Realtors.  These are a lot more accurate than anything you can find on Trulia or Zillow or most other places.  Take a look at the selling price trends, in this first graph, as well as what’s happening with the listing inventory in the graph below.  For the none-visual people – raw numbers are provided below the charts, and of course I’m here if you have any questions.

Sales Price Trends for Granite Bay – March through May, 2014.  These are based on pricing of single family homes.  Condominiums and commercial properties are excluded from this report.

Total number of homes that sold in May was 28 compared to May 2013’s 35. Out of the 28 homes 21 were 4+ bedrooms, 6 were 3 bedroom and only 1 for 2 bedroom. The total homes that sold dropped by 7 from 2013’s 35 homes selling. Compared to the previous month 3 bedroom average home prices dropped 10.96% while 4+ bedroom homes prices dropped 16.56%. There were no 2 bedroom homes that sold for the previous month. Granite Bay’s tough to figure an accurate price trend because of all the different types of properties in the community. You can find a multi-million dollar home and down the street sits the 1000 s.f. old ranch house on 5 acres.

Here are the numbers:
Total homes sold in Granite Bay, CA

May – 28
April – 33
March – 15

Average Sale Price:

May – $726,893
April – $799,257
March – $525,266

Number of available Granite Bay homes for sale:

May – 147
April – 129
March – 121

While these numbers and graphs don’t paint a complete picture, they should be a sufficient starting point.  If you own a home in Granite Bay, CA and want to know what your home will reasonably sell for today, follow this link and put in your address for your complete customized report.  No obligation to hire me and no strings attached.

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