A visit to an Auburn Boutique – Vintage Redeemed

Staci and Nancy met over 18 years ago.  They were both stay at home moms, homeschooling their kids, and friendship came easily and for good.  Staci, always a creative and crafty spirit, started refurbishing some old furniture and home décor objects, as much to earn a bit of extra cash as to allow her some time for her own passions.  Working on something other than kids’ school projects became more than a hobby, it became addictive and slowly formed into a dream of some day, when the girls are finally in College, of opening up a store that specialized in the sorts of objects Staci has always wanted to tinker with the most.  But every great idea needs the support of a great partner, and to Staci, Nancy was the first and only natural choice.  So the two spoke about it and in short order the plan went from a wisp of an idea to a nifty storefront in Auburn, Vintage Redeemed.

One of the things that was hardest for Staci back in the years of tinkering with objects and furniture on her own, in the garage of her old home, was lack of peer appraisal.  She was lucky enough to sell most of the pieces she refurbished or created, but it was still a lonely place to be in.  When Vintage Redeemed was born, Staci and Nancy both agreed that the store itself needed to be a sort of a market for different styles of things and the personalities that create them.  They decided to invite ladies in the community that liked to do what they did.  Each woman comes in one day a week and work in the store selling the treasures that they have all found.  There is a bit of an artist colony aura about this place as a result of ten different artists and craftswomen buzzing with the energy of their creations, critiquing or admiring the work of the peers, coming up collectively with new ideas for self-expression.

The assortment of items ranges from Vintage clothing to hand painted refurbished furniture and handmade jewelry, paintings, home décor objects and everything in between.  Everything in the store is unique, crafted from scratch or touched up lovingly by one of the ladies.  It’s hard to get bored visiting this place from day to day, as things in it magically change, and even the owners have no idea what each new day will bring.  There is a bit of a treasure-hunt vibe to the store for anyone who visits that keeps it fresh, even for the regulars.

Vintage Redeemed, albeit still very new to Auburn, already feels like the kind of store that should have always been here.  On rarest of occasions, even something as banal as shopping for a bit of furniture or some trinket for a gift, can be a beautiful and personal thing.  Vintage Redeemed is both.

Visit Vintage Redeemed at their location, 916 Lincoln Way, Auburn

Hours: Sunday thru Thursday 11am to 4pm and Friday and Saturday 11am to 8:30pm


Below are a few of the homes available in the Auburn area.

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